Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Flagging Images

In one of my workflows, I've found it desirable to flag images in Photoshop for needed future actions. For example, some of the images will be resized in InDesign and so I don't want to sharpen them until the final size is established in InDesign (in some cases, I'm resizing to as small as 20% of the original, so waiting until I know the size before sharpening is vital). Other images are provided in low resolution format so the composition can go ahead and the higher resolution image can be inserted later.

I probably should be using metadata for what I'm doing, but instead I create a text layer in Photoshop and type "LOW RES" or "Not Sharpened" into it, as appropriate -- I use actions for these. In the low resolution case, the layer is visible so that the reviewers can instantly see that the image is known to still need work. For the "Not Sharpened" images, the layer is invisible.

I've been worrying about how to make sure I attend to all these. Well, guess what, among the properties of an image is graphicLayerOptions, which in turn has a collection property graphicLayers. And each graphicLayer has a name property. So:
returns the names of all the layers in the image myImage.

So, it is just a matter of technique to write a script that reviews all the linked images to produce a report of all the images that need attention.

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