Monday, August 29, 2005


Another Script -- Select Rest of Column

I'm processing the results of this morning's script and it turns out that I need to be able to extend a selection in a table from the current cell to the last populated cell in the same column. This script does just that (although be warned that I have completely glossed over the issue of merged cells which will almost certainly cause this script to malfunction if it encounters any):
//DESCRIPTION: Select to last used cell in column

var myCell = app.selection[0];
var myTable = myCell.parent;
if ( == "Cell") {
 // Text is selected in a cell, so:
 myCell = myCell.parent;
 myTable = myTable.parent;
if ( != "Table") {
 errorExit("Please select a cell and try again.");
var myName =;
var myRow = myName.split(":")[1];
var myCol = myName.split(":")[0];
// Find row reference of last populated cell in column
var myLim = myTable.rows.length;
theLast = -1;
for (var j=myLim - 1; j >= 0; j--) {
 if (myTable.cells.item(String(myCol) + ":" + String(j))) {
  theLast = j;

function errorExit(message) {
 if (app.version != 3) { beep() } // CS2 includes beep() function.
 if (arguments.length > 0) {
 exit(); // CS exits with a beep; CS2 exits silently.
No time for much discussion right now. Notice the use of itemByRange to address the sequence of cells in the column of interest. Notice also that cell names take the form c:r where "c" stands for the column number and "r" for the row number.

Dave! Glad to see you here. I've seen your face (well actually just your moniker,) on the Adobe forums for a long time and have always appreciated your comments.

I'll be looking you up regulary, but if you want to have a laugh, here's my blog ƜberDilf
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