Thursday, October 20, 2005


Text Styles Reporter

I've just posted my first "Donationware". It's a script that produces a sectonalized report of your text styles. First the paragraph styles and then the character styles. You get to choose which aspects of your styles are reported, and you can choose to have them listed alphabetically or in based-On order. The script also lets you choose a document preset for the report it generates.

The script works only with InDesign CS2. It comes in two parts, the script and a snippet, both of which must be stored together in the Scripts folder (or a subfolder thereof) in the Presets folder of your InDesign CS2 application folder. The dependency on a snippet and the differences between CS and CS2 styles means that this script works only with CS2.

If you feel moved to donate, open the script in a text editor or ESTK for instructions. Note that the script will not run to completion if you run it from ESTK. It needs to run from the palette so that the snippet can be located.

See the Featured Downloads at left to download a copy.

If anyone runs into a problem on line 265 of this script, please download again. There was a name clash with an internal function named resolve that caused the failure, but only in the presence of certain third party plug-ins. I've fixed the script.
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